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    The overriding principle fostering the integrity of the standards we advocate at LTH             are for:


  • Our emphatic commitment to the application of natives in translations is a milestone for achieving lexical cohesion, idiomatic fluency and grammatical correctness of each and every translation/proofreading task performed.


  • Our in-depth command of modern communication platform and modern desktop publishing software to help offer the most competitive edge content management in the industry.


  • Our Passion to engage language at bilingual standard as a key aptitude to ensure guarantees that culturally-dependent nuances are appropriately reflected throughout both language systems (source and target).


  • The shear extent of our aesthetic deliberations to devise corroborate the original format of documents are comprehensively sustained.


  • Our resolve to keep maintaining lowest optimum pricing tariff that will serve creates suitable ground for prolonged future cooperation.



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Translation of Completion of Military Card


Translation of Exemption of Military Card


Translation of Driving Licence


Translation of National ID Card


Translation of Birth Certificate


Translation of Marriage Deed


Translation of Divorce Deed


Translation of University-High School Diploma


Translation of Academic Redords - Degrees

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Translation of Academic Transcripts

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Translation of other documents such as Bank Statement

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