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Orod (February 2020)

I was in a rush to get a document translated from Persian, the staff were very friendly, approachable and professional. I got back my document done within few hours! Thank you very much.


Rostam (March 2019)

بسیار ممنون از سرویس عالی ،خیلی سریع ، قیمت بسیار مناسب ، حوصله و صبر برای توضیح و تماس راحت و جوابگویی ، همه چی عالی موفق باشید،، من این کمپانی رو به همه سفارش میکنم


Reza (November 2018)

The service I received was extremely smooth and fast. They responded to my questions so effortlessly. Thank you! I recommend them definitely.


Mo H (February 2018)

I had to have an ID card translated. My time line was 3 hours. LTH on boarded my job in minutes, and a very fair price turned around a completed digital copy in under 2 hours. Amazing! Thank you LTH!!


Mahtab Moshirzadeh (June 2017)

  با تشکر برای سرویس دهی بسیار عالی وسریع
.تماسهای تلفنی را خیلی زود جوابگو هستن و لازم نیست برای یک تماس مدت طولانی صبر کنید


Bani yazdi (March 2017)

A very friendly, professional service. The people at London Translation House are also very accommodating when you need translations fast. And I was so impressed with the quality of their work. I would definitely recommend this company to others. Great job, London Translation House!


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